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This website collects email addresses from those who wish to have them used by us and only us.


If you subscribe to or comment on anything on this website:, your name and e-mail address will be placed in a database. As with all other personal information, you may provide, only employees of Allin1Pot have access to this data.

We do not give email addresses to third parties, affiliates, partners, parent companies, or subsidiaries for any purpose.

Any e-mail you use while commenting on one of our articles, is not printed with your comment - this email is for Allin1pot only and not for others to see.

Any e-mail you send to Allin1Pot is held in complete confidence.


We do not download or provide, third party cookies. We believe firmly that use of such things are an invasion of privacy.

Referring IP

For your safety as well as our own, we may at times collect your IP Address.

Collection of IP Addresses is a necessary action, on occassion, in case of DOS or any other attack.

Use of IP Addresses is only for law enforcement purposes only and is stored for no longer than 6 months and then is permanently deleted.

Your IP Address can not be used to launch any vicious attack, by us, against your computer. We do not utilize nor store any vicious software on our servers.

Launching of Attacks

We have none, nor do we plan to ever get any program that can lauch viral or worm attacks against you or your computer. Our site is scanned regularly for viruses and to date none have ever been found. We will immediately wipe our site clean, if any are ever found.

We do not want, nor need any of your personal information on your computer, it is safe while visiting here and will remain so, whenever you do visit us.

Valued Participant

You are a valued participant when coming here and we will always hold your privacy in high regards.

Ordering or Joining Our Advertisers

We partner with the best sites on the net, who also value you as a customer and visitor to their sites. We know that they hold your privacy in the highest of confidences and will not share your personal information with anyone but themselves.



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