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Here you will find a list of marijuana companies, which are positioned to make tons of money for the savvy investor. Many have technology and business models that are unique and contain potential for long term success within the Marijuana and Other Industries. “Why Marijuana and Other Stocks ?”. While it was once illegal, it has become one of the most desirable industries ever! In many senses of the word desirable - smokers want it, people who really need medical attention need it and well, other businesses, The Medical Industry, Security Industry, Beverage and Food Industries, Bottling and Packaging Industries, Growing Media Industry, as well as State Governments , that it relies upon for materials, services, supplies and taxes are thrilled to have the Marijuana Industry! .

Our “List” is not complete and probably never will be. Stock Price Quote is at the time of writing - for an update on prices, you will have to research the company you are interested in yourself. As time goes by, one company may be taken over by another company and their listing will be obsolete - so it is highly stressed that you do your own research on any and all companies in this list that you may find attractive enough to invest in. As you are doing your research you may find, that newer companies have entered the market and have become available for your investment opportunities - Our site is just a beginning for you and nothing here is offered as investment advise. It is for information on a base of opportunity to peek your interest in - the Marijuana and other industries.

Abattis Bioceuticals Corp. (OTC: ATTBF) $0.11 - a biotechnology company, produces, licenses, and markets proprietary ingredients and formulas for use in biopharma, nutraceutical, cosmetic, and animal nutrition markets. The company supports the production and extraction of botanical ingredients for various products, including cannabis; and focuses on offering medical marijuana and specialized health products. It is also involved in the research and marketing activities in the areas of botanical and natural health products. The company was formerly known as Abattis Biologix Corporation and changed its name to Abattis Bioceuticals Corp. in September 2012.

AbbVie Inc. (NYSE: ABBV) $62.34 - discovers, develops, manufactures, and sells pharmaceutical products worldwide. Their Marinol drug is FDA-approved for the treatment of nausea in patients undergoing chemotherapy and is also prescribed to AIDS patients suffering from loss of appetite. The drug is made of a synthetic form of THC and is delivered as an oral capsule.

Although the DEA still classifies marijuana as a Schedule I drug, Marinol is listed as a Schedule III drug, meaning the FDA recognizes the clinical benefits and abuse potentials are believed to be lower.

The company also offers Humira, a biologic therapy administered as a subcutaneous injection to treat autoimmune diseases; Imbruvica an oral therapy for the treatment of chronic lymphocytic leukemia; and Viekira Pak, an interferon-free therapy for adults with genotype 1 chronic hepatitis. It also provides Kaletra, an anti-HIV-1 medicine used with other anti-HIV-1 medications as a treatment that maintains viral suppression in HIV-1 patients; Norvir, a protease inhibitor indicated in combination with other antiretroviral agents to treat HIV-1; and Synagis to prevent respiratory syncytial virus infection in high risk infants. In addition, the company offers AndroGel, a testosterone replacement therapy for males diagnosed with symptomatic low testosterone; Creon, a pancreatic enzyme therapy for exocrine pancreatic insufficiency; Synthroid to treat hypothyroidism; and Lupron, a product for the palliative treatment of prostate cancer, and endometriosis and central precocious puberty, as well as for the treatment of patients with anemia. Further, it provides Duopa and Duodopa, a levodopa-carbidopa intestinal gel to treat Parkinson’s disease; Sevoflurane, an anesthesia product for human use; TriCor, Trilipix, and Niaspan to treat metabolic conditions characterized by high cholesterol and/or high triglycerides; and Zemplar to treat secondary hyperparathyroidism. The company sells its products to wholesalers, distributors, government agencies, health care facilities, specialty pharmacies, and independent retailers from its distribution centers and public warehouses.

Abbott Laboratories (NYSE: ABT) $38.42 - manufactures and sells health care products worldwide. The company’s Established Pharmaceutical Products segment offers branded generic pharmaceuticals to treat pancreatic exocrine insufficiency; irritable bowel syndrome or biliary spasm; intrahepatic cholestasis or depressive symptoms; gynecological disorders; hormone replacement therapy; dyslipidemia; hypertension; hypothyroidism; Ménière's disease and vestibular vertigo; pain, fever, and inflammation; migraines; anti-infective clarithromycin; and influenza vaccines, as well as to regulate physiological rhythm of the colon. Its Diagnostic Products segment provides immunoassay and clinical chemistry systems; assays used to screen and/or diagnosis cancer, cardiac, drugs of abuse, fertility, infectious diseases, and therapeutic drug monitoring; hematology systems and reagents; diagnostic systems and cartridges; instruments that automate the extraction, purification, and preparation of DNA and RNA from patient samples, and detects and measures infectious agents; genomic-based tests; informatics and automation solutions; and instrument used to identify infection-causing pathogens. The company’s Nutritional Products segment provides pediatric and adult nutritional products, such as prepared infant and follow-on formulas. Its Vascular Products segment offers coronary, endovascular, vessel closure, and structural heart devices to treat vascular disease. The company also provides blood and flash glucose monitoring systems, including test strips, sensors, data management decision software, and accessories for people with diabetes; and medical devices for the eye, such as cataract and LASIK surgery, contact lens care, and dry eye products. It serves retailers, wholesalers, hospitals, health care facilities, laboratories, physicians' offices, and government agencies. The company has strategic alliance with Fonterra.

Aerogrow International, Inc. (OTC: AERO) $3.75 - engages in the development, marketing, direct-selling, and wholesale of indoor garden systems to consumers and retailers worldwide. The company’s principal products include indoor gardens and proprietary seed pod kits that allow consumers to grow vegetables, such as tomatoes, chili peppers, and salad greens; fresh herbs, including cilantro, chives, basil, dill, oregano, and mint; and flowers, such as petunias, snapdragons, geraniums, and vinca. It also offers grow lights and a patented nutrient formula, as well as various cooking, gardening, and décor accessories. The company’s products are used in the gardening, cooking, healthy eating, and home and office décor markets. It also offers its products through direct-to-consumer sales channel, including Web sales and a direct mail catalogue

The company has expressed interest in the Marijuana Grow Industry, it is the leading manufacturer of indoor garden equipment and Scotts Miracle-gro has placed an 80% ownership stake in the company.


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