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So You Want to Invest?

Most of us would love to have a Superhero come to our aid. Especially, the aid of our finances. Yet, here we are, no superhero's, just us.

Never a Better Time to Invest Than Now:

  1. When I was young, before the age of Adulthood, I was familiar with Investments. But, unlike my counterparts, I had an advantage - Rich Grandparents.
  2. Schools never taught us more than the basic essentials of Math, English, Science and History. Today, there are some schools that do have Financial Planning and Investments classes; but they are few and far between and only appear in the Upper Echelon of Societies Neighborhoods and School Districts, shame.
  3. If you were one of the blessed ones that went to a school who taught Finances, then great. If not, it's cool and okay - I never was one and I am doing fine. And learned later on, that there is never a better time to invest than now.

A lot of people wait for a day...

...that never comes, for many things, including investing. Lower interests rates, better market conditions, etc. etc. By the time they figure out that things are not going to get any better, anytime soon, it's too late. They missed their opportunity to make some money or even save for retirement. Which incidentally, last I checked, 65% of the people in this country (United States) retire into poverty.

Their story is common. The point or main fact they missed is, no matter what you do; "you have to save money". There are many ways to save money, like buying things on sale as opposed to buying full priced items. Looking around for bargain prices on the same item, etc. Then there is the monetary end of it - socking money in the bank or some investment vehicle.

One of the first things I learned was; "never pay full price for anything". That Rich Grandma I mentioned, well, she would always ask for a discount. The next thing I learned was Bank Accounts were important - or if you do not like banks, that shoe box under the bed or in the closet will work just fine. On my mothers side, my grandfather was also well to do. He however, did not like banks - he went through the great depression and lost a ton of money. Never, again did he put a penny in a bank. He kept it hidden in the rafters and beams of his house.

In any event, you will have to come to terms, that you do need a bank and a bank account, eventually, in today's society. Unlike back during the Great Depression, your money is insured now, to the tune of up to $250,000 in any one account. This will be the basis for all your other needs, pay bills, savings accounts and even money transfers to other accounts or investment vehicles.

There are savings accounts, stocks and bonds, gold or other exotic metals, Treasury Securities or Bonds and now, electronic money, namely Bitcoin. Bitcoin's price or value has for the first time in history, exceeded the price of gold, just recently like around (2/14/17). So here now, we have another opportunity steering us right in the face. I originally bought Bitcoin when it was $197 - $205 and held it till it went to around $600 to $800, I was also running machines and mining the stuff - I made some money - unfortunately, due to personal business, I had to sell it off - had I held it until current prices, I would have made 5 times my money. I currently promote it and use it to accept payments, in many areas of my business.

That's another subject for later, let's stick to the current subject of investing, which; you can take losses or you can make major gains. You can invest in vehicles that are safe and provide moderate returns, like U.S. Treasuries or Bank (Credit Union) Savings Account. You can take high risks, like the current Marijuana, Hemp and ancillary businesses or even electronic money. But, the story is the same - You Want to Invest - whether for retirement or to make money. These are just two of the considerations you have to make, prior to making any investments, at all. Then, there is Real Estate Investing - which we can't forget, when making investment decisions.

You are here, so it must mean you have some interests in investing, in something. And if it is Marijuana/Hemp businesses or businesses they support or rely upon, well; welcome to the club. For $750 (seven hundred and fifty dollars) I now own, 272,904 stocks in approximately, 30 companies. The bulk of which are Marijuana/Hemp Companies, a few are those they support and a couple others are random penny stocks. I, also, hold positions in Real Estate; lots, buildings and houses.

For our purposes here, we are talking Stocks/Bonds, Bitcoin, Gold, etc.: I can use the buy/hold or buy low/sell high strategies or other such strategies, when it comes to investing. In any event, I took the dive in highly speculative stocks. Reason being, as I learned a long time ago: To invest only that which you can loose. And if you do loose, you can make up for the loss, some other way. Like continue to work at your regular job or business, if you are in business for yourself - like I am.

It's Not "Just Money"

If it is and you treat your money as if, it doesn't matter; well then, you'll end up like those people I mentioned earlier - retiring into poverty. And me, well, it isn't going to be me. I made my mind up a long time ago, while standing in the freezing cold, on top of 6" sheets of ice - that i wasn't going to live my life in a desparate state, all my life. I began to invest, one way or the other, to make sure I had money coming in, always. Even if it was just a little, it rounded off the edges and made life much more managable.

"Cash Flow", a term you hear often, while dealing in Real Estate, applies to any other busniess or investments: To an extent - sometimes you have got to lock up your money for the long haul, to get ahead in the short run of things/life. Such as Certificates of Deposit (CDs) or even stocks. And some stocks can and will return money as you hold them, by way of quarterly, monthly or annual dividends.

Now, to conclude: There is much to be discussed here, that isn't. This is not an article on in depth investing - just one to help you along in making the decision to dive in or not, to purchase Pot Stocks or Bitcoin. And why Bitcoin? Cause it is used much in the purchase and sale of Pot/Hemp products. Remember, the "Silk Road"! For Bitcoin, visit my site here or for Real Estate Investment Ideas Cash Flow Re for more on the subject of Pot Stocks go here Pot Stock Investing

Andy Davis:
Why are you not currently invested in Bitcoin?

Nick Sabat:
To answer your question as to why I am not currently invested in Bitcoin. I am, but not heavily. I accept Bitcoin as a payment for my Brick and Mortar business. It is immediately converted to cash, to preserve value. As far as mining Bitcoin, this is a process that creates, validates and logs each Bitcoin or Transaction. As for most other miners, this is an expensive process - one that needs much tweeking to bring cost into reality. I personally am working on my own power sourcing - a long process, beyond this discussion. Bitcoin however is a viable source of funds for the Marijuana and Hemp Businesses.

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