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Pitiful Pot Stock Earnings Reports


While purusing through the Earnings Reports of other companies, such as, other NYSE, NASDAQ, OTC Corporations, I easily find Up to Date Earnings Reports.

Unlike their Pot/Marijuana/Hemp counterparts, there is very little to go on, in way of Earnings Reports. As an investor, in this sector, I think it very important to know the earnings of the company I am invested in.

To the Pot Stocks: We Wanna Know

In fact, not only do we wanna know what a company is making, we wanna know what they are doing to improve earnings and sales. We wanna know the percentage their earnings are comparative to other stocks in the same sector. Search after search, company after company, I come up empty handed when it comes to their earnings. If I dig far enough back into the past, I may find some earnings reports of years back - this however, does very little to satiate my appetitie for current earnings.

Institutional And Qualified Investors

There is much ado about what Investment Advisors and Attorney's can advise Pot/Marijuana/Hemp Stock Companies on what to do, without breaking the law. Many Institutional and Qualified Investors shy away from the Medical and Recreational Marijuana Pot/Hemp stocks because of the uncertainties surrounding this High Risk Industry. However, this fear can be offset, if Pot/Marijuana/Hemp Industry Stocks would divulge more and more of their earnings.

Earnings Not "The" Determining Factor

Earnings alone does not determine somone's interest in investing in a company. It is however, one of the most important determining factors there is. If a company would release it's earnings reports, on time all the time - it may peek the interests of those Institutional and Qualified Investors that it needs to attract, for it's stock to soar in price. If strong earnings are reported regularly, it may overcome any delinquencies in an other factors that are used to determine one's interest in a particular stock or industry/sector.

Sitting Here Wondering

I sit here wondering if earnings are as important to the companies that should be reporting them as often as possible, as they are to me or other possible interested investors. I'm not much on "Should Be's or Could of Beens" but I think, it should be as important to them to let us know, what the earnings are. Historically as well as Currently.

Who's Watching These Stocks and Their Earnings

Well, it's somewhat obvious, the companies in this industry aren't. Guys and Gals like me, may be - Institutional and Qualified Investors may be. But, one note on Institutional Investors - if they get involved, then more investors start taking a look at a company, industry or sector and it's ancillary businesses. I think this is the case. Most often it is. You get a guy like Cramer in, there is no doubt, that others would follow. (He's the Mad Money Guy, on CNBC's Mad Money Reports).

Blind Trust

"We will not go quitely into the night" to paraphrase an old saying. To many, it signifies going into something completely blind or in the dark, that you can't see much ahead of you.

I guess most of these Pot/Marijuana/Hemp businesses expect others to follow them without the knowledge of what the company or industry is up to - whether it be earnings or expansion of a newly constructed "Greenhouse". People need to know, who they are following. (I think I will cover what the business is up to in another article soon, at least I hope I will. So stay tuned!).


I'm in it to make money, as well as history. Yet, I can't see if I am making money, if a company or industry doesn't report always and often. The same I would say for many of you - you can't make money if you don't know what your earnings and expenses are. These things have to be constantly checked so adjustments can be made. Is it a fear of taxation? I doubt it! Is it a possible oversight by management? It could be! No one can say for sure, but one thing that is for sure - you can find very little in the way of Earnings Reports by Pot/Marijuana/Hemp companies!



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