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Taking the Country One State At a Time


Not since the States wanted to pass Legal Gambling, has there been so much controversy and talk about an Industry, as there is now, about the Marijuana and Hemp Industries.

Unlike wanting a Casino in the State, the Marijuana and Hemp industries promise so much more. Not only including new found revenues for the State, but in Value. You (in general), get very little out of a casino, that it is not worth going to. But when it comes to Marijuana or Hemp, there is much to talk about and desire.

High Risks Stakes

Casino's offer you a chance to win and win big. But the "Stakes are High". You can win or you can loose all the hard earned money you have. It's the chance you take and here's how they excuse their taking your limited cash: "For Entertainment Only". Yeah Right!

Get High, Get Stoned, Heal

I myself am not one for "Altered States of Consciousness" - I do however, believe in states of relief - for the mind and the body. If that qualifies any of you (in general) for liking Recreational Marijuana, then great, you have a reason to want to light one up and relax. When talking about relaxation or even "Entertainment" it is to relieve oneself of worldly thoughts that stress us out. Many times it is these worldly stressors that cause other health issues. Then too there are health issues that are just present in our lives, that we need relief from. So there you have it, Marijuana and Hemp and a few of their benefits - Relaxation and Relief from Health Problems.

From State to State

And even at the Federal Level, there are debates as to why Marijuana and/or Hemp use is Okay or needed. So far, 28 States have said yes, to Medical Marijuana usage. Approximately, 5 including the District of Columbia, have said yes to Recreational Pot Use. Is it a good thing? Well, this is one of the questions that have put many to the test. Many believe Medical Marijuana or Hemp are a very good and wise choice. Others think Recreational Use is a good and wise thing. In any case, the door has been opened and people are pouring in all over the country to join in the debate - offering their pro's and con's.

The issues over Marijuana and Hemp are plenty. There are great arguments on both sides. Some information is so erroneous it is outrageous that anyone would even give it some credence or space on any platform of debate - but they do and here we all are in the midst of it. Other information is great news for those who support passage of any sort of Marijuana or Hemp Law.

Hemp as opposed to Marijuana, is a non brain or mind altering plant. The chemical found therein is called Cannabinol or for short CBD. It has many useful medical benefits, like inflamation reduction to seizure stoppage. It has many practical Industrial Usages also. Such as Biodegradable Plastics to Absorbing Qualities for Industrial spillages or even Animal Safe, Kitty Litter.

We will, without a doubt see far more States accepting at least for now, Hemp as a production crop and valuable Revenue Source. And they are doing everything possible to help this Industry Grow. (Excuse the Pun, not intended). In fact, one of the arguments is that Hemp should have never been outlawed at all.

What really needs to be done, is that all the States need to gang up on the Fed and show their support in the Passage of Federal Marijuana and Hemp Laws, that support the Industry. One form of assistance that is urgently needed is to allow these companies to Bank their Cash. For now, it is still illegal money, so to speak. Because under Federal Law, these crops are still listed as illegal crops. And it's a shame.

While many States have recognized the need and desire for Marijuana and Hemp usage, whether for leisure or medicine, the Fed refuses to go along with them and the many others who are considering some form of Law Passage, regarding these two crops. Keep in mind, that these two crops have varying chemical compounds - they are two distinct genius of plants. One can get you "high", while the other can not. There are those that favor recreational use and those that don't. Hemp is an industrial crop and has been used as such for as long as man has been around - it was made illegal back in around 1945. It has since been found to contain some very valuable medical chemicals within it. Hence, the term Medical Marijuana.


It is our firm belief that the "cat is out of the bag" - that the debate is on and will continue for as long as it takes to get all 50 States and the Federal Government, on board with some form of Legalized Marijuana Laws. So keep yourself in the loop and check back often.



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