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... to suit your needs and peak your interests. While 28 States have Medical Marijuana Laws, only about 5, including the District of Columbia, have Recreational Pot Laws.

Marijuana and Hemp have a 10,000 year History. And did you know that the word Canvas comes from the word Cannabis?

It has been a long fight for legalization of Marijuana and Hemp. The journey is still an uphill battle, until, Pot (Marijuana/Hemp) finds it's way back into the fabric of society and holds its place where it belongs.

For ages, they have lived in denial. Even today, they still attempt to fleeting tell you and me, that Weed is no good for you. Since, the sixties, young people everywhere have smoked it - now, the young people of those days are all well over 60 and may be pushing 70+ they are still smoking their little bit of weed and quite honestly - they have suffered none of the ill-affects the establishment claims that they should. No increased risk of cancers, no chronic pneumonia, no mass hysteria, no loss of intelligence or memory. All the things they want you to hate about it, just are not true.

What has occured however, is it allowed the business to fall into the hands of people who have no problem, killing kids to get what they want - tons of money (fortunes) on the backs of people they don't even care about. This has allowed these criminals to prosper and bring in even worse drugs, that without the Marijuana Proceeds, they could have never done so. The time is now, for our leaders to get a grip on things and start seeing the Pot Picture for what it really is - a Valuable Natural Resource, while in the right hands.

As with Alcohol or Tobacco production, or even Firearms, this industry can be closely monitored. The foundation is already laid out before them, in these other 3 industries, which incidentally are more harmful than Weed itself. Not one of these 3 industries here mentioned, is as valuable an entreprise as Pot. Alcohol, Tabacco and Firearms will all kill you - this cannot be said about Marijuana or Hemp. Can it? But, here we are, supporting these 3 industries while ignoring or criticizing one with far more benefits, than them. Unreal - really, Unreal!

Pot use goes way back to Ancient Times and it is possible that even Christ himself smoked the stuff. In fact, tobacco is not as old as Hemp or Marijuana - tobacco use did not come into the mainstream until Christopher Columbus brought it back from the New World to the Old World, in 1492 or there abouts. By this time, Hemp and Marijuana use, were all over the Old World, from the Top of Russia to the Bottom of Africa.

These crops Marijuana and Hemp, if let as is, prior to making it illegal, would have been the number 1 crop in all history, exceeded by none. It would have produced Trillions of Dollars in revenues, for individuals as well as States and Governments. Yet, it has cost us, Trillions of Dollars and possibly hundreds of lives, keeping it illegal and out of the hands of many. Children in the South Americas would not have been enslaved nor murdered to bring it to market and this is the worst travesty of all times - the young lives that were taken, to bring a once thriving and legal product to market.

In Their Memories

For the sake of all the children who have made the ultimate sacrifice and all the poor souls who have been jailed for something as senseless as outlawing Marijuana and Hemp, I would hope, you will see the light, the need, to bring this product back to the mainstream of life.

I personally, do not smoke this stuff - I personally will not smoke this stuff - I had my fill. However, I personally do see all the benefits that will come along with this stuff - Marijuana and Hemp. So much so, that I personally support the passage of all Marijuana and Hemp laws, whether for mere Medical Purposes or Recreational Use. It is something that must, it is something that will, happen. The question is only a matter or time!

A Personal Note: I smoked more Marijuana in the 13 years that I did, than most people will in their lifetimes. As much as an ounce a day. I loved the stuff. I suffer from memory lapses, not as a result of smoking marijuana, but as a result of PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) brought on by alcoholism in the family - I only wish my dad, would have lived long enough to indulge himself in some pot, maybe he would have quit drinking. I am 57 years old and have lived most of my life, without him. He died, indirectly as a result of that Alcoholism. He loved us (his family) no doubt, but he suffered from the worst case of Alcoholism anyone, including little children could have ever witnessed. Three bottles of liquer/day, his fate was sealed, along with that bottle seal. And this site, is dedicated to him My Dad and other Dad's who may someday walk away from that wicked booze, once they find a joint to smoke.

Through out this site, in certain Articles, you will be asked to leave Comments, Suggestions or Even Feedback, Please Do So, we would love to hear from you and about the things you feel. Thank You For Visiting!




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